Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tea Party Leaders Criticize Beck’s 8/28 Rally: ‘All He’s Doing Is Trying To Use Us To Promote Himself’.

Even some Tea Party groups are catching on to the fact that Glenn Beck engages in shameless self promotion and are refusing to take part in his “Restoring Honor” rally, which will take place at the Lincoln Memorial on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

It's an event which Beck has shyly described as "one for the history books”.

At least one tea party group rejected Beck’s entreaties to assist with the march, concluding he was offering little in return for its organizational know-how and credibility, while giving preferential treatment to FreedomWorks, which is paying to sponsor Beck’s radio show. The group’s leader, who requested anonymity to avoid antagonizing Beck, said, “All he’s doing is trying to use us to promote himself.” [...]

“I call it ‘Beckaplooza,’ because it seems to be all about Beck,” said Andrew Ian Dodge, the Maine state coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, a coalition of local groups that has helped stage several big rallies. … [W]hen the Patriots were deciding whether to help with Saturday’s rally, Dodge said there was internal queasiness over the M.L.K. link and Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric, including his blasting of Obama as a racist. … “Beck takes it outside of the realm of fiscal conservatism into issues that are more emotional and make you wonder if we really want to be associated with this guy,” [Dodge said].
This rally also, no doubt utterly coincidentally, comes on the very day when Beck launches his new book, The Plan.

Beck is on record as stating that he thinks the attendance at this event will rival the attendance for Obama's inauguration.

Nice to know he's keeping his expectations in check.

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