Saturday, August 07, 2010

O'Reilly blames Obama failures on racial politics -- then blows up when right-wing race-baiting is pointed out.

O'Reilly starts this segment by pointing out that blacks support Obama and implying that many whites do not.

Let's take the white situation first. According to the polls, most white Americans don't like the huge expansion of the federal government. They also oppose the big spending increases that the president has imposed. It's simple. White Americans fear government control. They don't want the feds telling them what to do, and they don't want a bankrupt nation.

... But black America has a totally different view. For decades, African-Americans have supported a bigger federal government so it can impose social justice. A vast majority of blacks want money spent to level the playing field, to redistribute income from the white establishment to their precincts, and to provide better education and health care at government expense. So the African-American voter generally loves what President Obama is doing.

One of his guests then points out that he is switching on the "Republican racial fear mongering machine" by trying to link the healthcare debate to race.

O'Reill then bizarrely states, "It's got nothing to do with race. Zero."

Then why did he start the discussion by framing this as black and white issue? And why does he argue that blacks continue to support Obama because they are the main beneficiaries of his social justice programmes? He says that this issue has nothing to do with race, and he is right, but why does he, himself, insist on framing this issue in such a way?

What enrages him here is that his own race baiting is being pointed out to him and he is forced to reverse course.

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