Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hugh Hewitt Talks Nonsense.

Sometimes, when bigots are trying to disguise their bigotry, they simply jump the shark.

Today Hugh Hewitt gave us such a moment. He is defending the people who oppose the building of the mosque in Lower Manhattan telling us that these people "have been branded as bigots, and their concerns about the project have been dismissed as unconstitutional assaults on the guarantee of the free exercise of religion."

Now, one might imagine that, at this point, he is going to discuss why people are wrong to argue that the issue at stake here is freedom of religion; but Hewitt doesn't concern himself with such a trifling matter.

Instead he simply jumps the shark:

It is a certainty that many among the overwhelming majorities that oppose GZM would gladly write a check to the building fund of a mosque at a different location in Manhattan, a location not chosen to exploit the fact that an attack on America took place where the mosque was built.
We are now to believe that a group of people who identify Islam as the enemy would pay for the building of mosques elsewhere in the city? That the people who refer to Islam is such a fashion are actually willing to contribute to the funding of mosques on American soil?

That's the most preposterous thing anyone has said during the course of this entire argument. Conservatives have been spouting a ridiculous amount of rubbish over this issue, but Hewitt deserves some special award for finding the most ridiculous argument so far espoused.

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