Sunday, August 08, 2010

Confusion as government rules out school milk cut.

Cameron and the Tories love to liken themselves to the government of Margaret Thatcher, but they fall short in terms of pure cruelty and ruthlessness.

Coalition proposals for scrapping free school milk descended into confusion today after Downing Street insisted the cut would not go ahead.

Number 10 stamped on the suggestion despite health minister Ann Milton saying the scheme for under-fives was too expensive and there was no evidence it benefited children.

Aides to Prime Minister David Cameron made clear that he "did not like the idea" of cancelling free milk, and that it would "not be happening".

However, the intervention left universities minister David Willetts floundering in a television interview, as he inititally said that ending the provision was on the table - only to be informed on air that it had been ruled out.

Thatcher famously didn't blink before cutting free milk for children over-7 in 1971, earning her the nickname Thatcher the Milk-snatcher.

The difference here is that Thatcher loathed us as much we loathed her, and she delighted in our outrage. The angrier she got us, the more she felt that she was doing right.

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