Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cameron: David Miliband greatest threat to Conservatives.

This strikes me as the kind of spin that used to irritate me about Blair and New Labour:

David Miliband poses the greatest threat to the Conservative party of all the candidates in the Labour leadership contest, David Cameron has said in private remarks that could change the dynamic of the campaign just days before millions of ballot papers are posted.

To the likely delight of the older Miliband, who enters the final stages as the frontrunner, the prime minister has made it clear he believes the shadow foreign secretary stands the best chance of reaching out to middle Britain.

A well-placed source told the Guardian: "David Cameron said the candidate he hoped for was Ed Miliband, and the candidate he most feared was David Miliband."

Ed Miliband, who is thought to be slightly behind his brother in first preference votes, but who hopes second choice votes will propel him to victory, is likely to be irritated by Cameron's remarks, which echo those of supporters of Tony Blair: his backers believe that his elder brother is being supported by what they describe as the "Blair machinery".

This sounds to me like exactly the kind of story the "Blair machinery" would make sure hit the press just before the party went to vote. Cameron fears David, so the party would be best advised to elect him over his brother.

The problem with this story is this; why would David Cameron make his preference of Labour leader so well known? Why would he advise the Labour party on who they should elect who would be best suited to beat him?

David Miliband is New Labour through and through, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it turns out that his people were behind this "leak".

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