Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beck weaves Michelle Obama Spain attack into conspiracy theory that Obama won't seek re-election.

I don't know what I find most ridiculous about Beck here. First, he is wrong in almost everything he says about Michelle Obama's trip. She and her friends paid for it themselves, the only thing the country is supplying is security. And, if you can't supply security for the First Lady then things would be really bad.

Then I think of the lavish consumption which occurred when Ronald Reagan was in power and how this supposedly made Americans feel great about themselves again. But this is simply bog standard hypocrisy for Fox News, although to be fair, even Bill O'Reilly refused to go down the cheap road Beck is enthusiastically travelling.

But no, I think the most ridiculous thing about Beck here is the fact that he thinks this holiday in Spain is proof that Obama is not running for a second term. He's never one to miss an opportunity to engage in a new conspiracy theory.


Ibrahimblogs said...

I agree with almost everything you say. I hope Beck improves himself.

Keep blogging!

This is Ibrahim from Israeli Uncensored News

Kel said...

I hope Beck improves himself.

Dear God, are you suggesting suicide? A frontal lobotomy? What!?

Anonymous said...

you are WRONG. We did not "only" pay for security. If you think we "only" paid for security, you are unaware of the cost of "business travel expenses."
Security at the Obama's home, the White House, costs only the wages of the agents. At the end of their shifts, they drive their own cars to their own homes and eat food in the own kitchens, all at their own expense.
Security in Spain, however, involves more than the agents' wages; it includes their transportation, meals & lodgings. Did the agents share rooms or each get their own?
Also, Mrs. Obama did not fly a commercial aircraft, she flew in Air Force 2. Yes, she took her security detail with her on the flight. How's that for a carbon footprint???
The Obama's frequent vacations will wear pretty thin on the public when they realize that their employers, as mine has already done, start to cut benefits LIKE VACATIONS in order to pay for Obamacare. My own employer got hit with such a drastic increase in health insurance premiums that they cut everybody's vacation leave by one week to cover the difference. The actual Health Insurance Reform Act prohibits employers from cutting wages to pay for the health insurance. There is no such protection for other parts of your compensation package, namely vacations. So as the reality of Obama's policies starts to hit people, the family's frequent vacations will make people hotter & hotter.

Kel said...

you are WRONG. We did not "only" pay for security. If you think we "only" paid for security, you are unaware of the cost of "business travel expenses."

Obviously, when paying for security, one has to pay for somewhere for them to stay whilst abroad. That goes without saying.

Do you think the First Lady should travel without security or that she should simply never travel abroad?

This whole "outrage" is happening simply because it is August and the papers have every little else to write about.

Put next to the cost of the Iraq war, or Bush's tax cuts for the rich, the cost of this security detail is very small potatoes. So I find it very hard to believe that your outrage is in any way related to genuine fiscal concerns.