Friday, August 06, 2010

Beck on the idea that government must operate the military: "I don't think so".

Could Glenn Beck get more extreme? Now he is arguing that the government shouldn't run the military. Isn't a civilian run military one of the hallmarks of the United States? He would now have it run by what? Private corporations?

There really is nothing that these guys won't privatise. And I wonder what incentive an army run by a multi national would have to stop fighting. After all, in war would be their profits. So why would they have any incentive to seek peace? There's no profit in that for them.

It's got to be the most stupid thing that this incredibly stupid man has ever said.


Insane rantings. He just gets worse with each day that passes.


Every time I think he can't sink any lower, he astonishes me by pulling it off. He is now comparing Obama to Lucifer. No, seriously.

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