Saturday, July 17, 2010

O'Reilly and Kelly Continue Fear Mongering on Black Panthers Case.

Megyn Kelly continues her unbearable quest to turn this non-story into an important event.

Kelly: And the reason that I'm passionate about this case and this story, Bill, is I believe in fidelity to the law. And I believe your viewers know that about me. It doesn't matter whether it's left or right, conservative or liberal. I try to follow the law.
That's the crux of her argument that O'Reilly dutifully is ready to distribute. Kelly is not being honest with the false narrative that she doesn't care which ideology is to blame for not upholding the law because her outrage was nowhere to be found during the Bush years. It's all a smoke screen. J.Christian Adams is a fraud and everyone who has a smidgen of integrity knows it.
The latest of these stories is the so-called cover-up by the DOJ of the Black Panther voter intimidation crimes (alleged by one of the high level Bush operatives burrowed into the bureaucracy) in which the wingnuts have wrapped themselves like it's the shroud of Rosa Parks. The weeping, the wailing, the rending of garments over the horror of poor white folk being driven from the polls by Big Angry Black Supremacist Movement has them virtually speaking in tongues.

Media Matters traces the whole story, including the recent pick-up by the MSM. And what they found is that the case was dismissed before Obama took office, which pokes a few holes in the right wing narrative that states the Obama homeboys took over the DOJ and issued orders immediately that they were never to bring charges against black people again. Not that anyone cares at this point. Everybody's just screaming ACORN ACORN ACORN! and the subtle racism continues apace.
Kelly can claim all she wants that this is a genuine story and that she is simply wanting to see "fidelity to the law", but that's balderdash.

She's playing the "scary black man" thingy and implying that the Obama administration are operating a policy of reverse racism. In other words, she's playing directly to the deepest fears of the tea party protesters, who just happen to be her viewers.

She is shameless.


Nor is she alone.

Fox News has hyped phony New Black Panthers scandal at least 95 times.

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