Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NY Times columnist: Fox News 'exploited' New Black Panther Party case.

It was inevitable that other networks would feel forced to address this issue after Fox News hyped it beyond all reason. Charles Blow, a New York Times columnist, sums up exactly what is at the heart of this.

"I think that the media, depending on what you call the media, some parts of the media, I think have exploited this to a degree that the president of the New Black Panther Party is on Fox on a regular basis now, it seems," Blow told MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski.

"You have a tough case here, because, to my understanding, we still don't have any person who has come forward to make an official complaint that they have been -- they were intimidated. You have a voter intimidation case with no intimidated voters," he said.

No voter has made any complaint that they were intimidated. That is what makes this whole story so bloody laughable. And the fact that we now know that this was a conservative ploy to undermine Obama and Holder should have made this story go away, but the Republicans continue to push this insane notion that the DOJ no longer prosecutes cases with black defendants where the plaintiffs are white.

Although I note that the Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) merely wants the viewer to come to this conclusion themselves, he actually cops out when it comes to articulating this charge, claiming it's "difficult to say" why the Obama administration will not investigate this.

"Congressman, what is your suspicion about why they are fearful to look into it?" asked MSNBC's Willie Geist. "What are you suggesting?"

"I don't know that I really ought to comment what it is," replied Wolf. "I think there is politics involved, but I think until we see, it's really hard -- very difficult to say."

He lacks the courage to come right out and say it, but this disgraceful race baiting is at the centre of everything which the Republicans are implying here.

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