Thursday, July 29, 2010

Matthews Follow's Fox's Lead on New Black Panthers Story Now that GOP Senators Are Pushing Their Race Baiting as Well.

I agree with Matthews that this entire story is simply "right wing swirl", but it's depressing that this has now crossed from Fox News and into the MSM.

Matthews is also right when he states that there are some people who want this to "be about race all the time". This is what Fox have been doing since the day Obama was elected.

I get the feeling that Matthews was forced to cover this story by his producers, especially when I look at the way he signs off.

MATTHEWS: I hope we don`t have to revisit this. I hope something gets done. Well, maybe it shouldn`t get done, but I hope we don`t have to talk about this one again!
Amen to that.... I've said it before but this is an intimidation case where not a single person has ever claimed that they were intimidated.

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