Friday, July 09, 2010

The "Liberal" Media.

There's an attack on Glenn Greenwald in The New Ledger by Benjamin Kerstein which is actually funny as it is so unhinged.

Greenwald is described as, "a case study in the kind of intellectual corruption that now appears to be the inevitable result of the bigoted hatred of Israel typical of today’s American progressivism."

He is further described as "one of those bizarre figures who occasionally bobs to the surface of American intellectual life, someone who so encapsulates the dementia of a specific subculture that he seems to be more a satirical literary creation than a human being. Indeed, Greenwald is such a quintessentially anti-American, pseudo-pacifist, pro-terrorist, self-hating Jewish liberal that that he essentially constitutes a living cliché. Nonetheless, his qualifications for the part are unquestionably excellent."

As I say, it's so dementedly one sided as to be amusing. One commenter went as far as to say, "by the end of the first paragraph, I could literally feel Kerstein's spittle flying off the screen and hitting me in the face."

Kerstein's unmistakable rage has been brought about because Greenwald has dared to question Israeli policies, especially Israel's decision to board the peace flotilla in international waters.

Greenwald today highlights the decision by CNN to fire Octavia Nasr, its Atlanta-based Senior Middle East News Editor, for daring to tweet that she was, "Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah . . . . One of Hezbollah's giants I respect a lot."

Apparently, saying something that innocuous enraged the neocon right and deemed her no longer "objective" enough to report for CNN.

But Greenwald raises a very important question:

Does anyone ever suffer career-impeding injuries of this type -- the way Nasr and Thomas also just have -- for expressing anti-Muslim or anti-Arab views?
The question is, of course, rhetorical. The answer is simply no.

So much for this "Liberal" media I keep reading about.

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