Thursday, July 15, 2010

Juan Williams highlights Kelly's obsession with New Black Panther Party case.

Megyn Kelly continues to play her "scary black man thing" and is outraged that anyone is calling her on it.

To defend her she calls on Juan Williams, but he refuses to play ball and points out that her obsession with this is based on the fact that this case involves two black men and the fact that Obama and Holder are both black. He also states that this case "is being overblown" and reminds her that it has been described as "small potatoes". So why is Kelly so obsessed with this one very small incident? Especially when one finds, as Williams here reminds her, that the guy standing outside the building was "a certified poll watcher".

Kelly insists that she is simply "continuing to shine a light on this", but her implication - that the DOJ no longer prosecutes cases with black defendants where the plaintiffs are white - is clearly racial. She is claiming that reverse racism is taking place. And she is outraged when anyone calls her on it, presenting herself as the person who is being picked upon.

It doesn't seem to occur to her that the central charge of what she is saying is simply outrageous. Or that the man she keeps referring to as a "whistle-blower" has stated that these actions are an attempt by blacks to get reparation for slavery. He's hardly what any sane person would refer to as "a whistle-blower".

He has an agenda. As, I would argue, do Fox News and Kelly with their continual obsession to make a mountain out of this particular molehill.

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