Monday, July 26, 2010

Blame Obama.

It's so bloody predictable. Here, Matt Lewis, a contributor to Breitbart's websites, explains how the real villain in the Sherrod case was the White House.

Even he now admits that the tape was edited and that a wrong has taken place, but he appears to be okay with the fact that Breitbart has refused to issue any form of apology. He certainly refuses to say that Breitbart should apologise.

And, also missing from this conversation, is the demand that Breitbart should name who his source was for this highly edited video.

Then there is this:

Again, Newt Gingrich seeks to lay the blame for this at the door of the White House. The blame for this entire episode lies at the door of Andrew Breitbart. It is certainly true that The White House acted irresponsibly by giving credence to this fraudsters claims, but the villain of the piece remains the fraudster, not the people taken in by the fraud.


Laura Ingraham, the woman who said this:

Now this emerges, pretty much confirming what many of us thought about people who have burrowed their way into the Obama administration, with radical outlooks and a radical agenda, and in this case a racist sentiment.
She now blames the White House for not reading the full transcript before they fired Sherrod. That's a fair point, but Ingraham admits that the story confirmed what she previously thought. It fit right into her opinion of the Obama administration.

An opinion formed at Fox News. Where Breitbart, the actual person behind this fraud, finds a natural home. Again, no mention of Breitbart, instead the blame is swiftly passed to the Obama administration.

Ingraham is actually saying that she trusted this tape because she doesn't trust the Obama administration. The tape was trusted because it fit in with her already established bias.

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