Friday, July 23, 2010

Beck theorizes that Obama White House "plotted" Sherrod story to "destroy the credibility of Fox News".

Only in Glenn Beck's world could you say this stuff out loud and not expect to be laughed at.

Beck is seriously putting out the notion that The White House "plotted" the Sherrod story in order to destroy the credibility of Fox News and the media.

Leaving aside the fact that Fox News have no credibility, notice how Breitbart's part in all of this has been removed from Beck's narrative.

It's all a White House plot to disgrace Fox.


Now Savage and Limbaugh are sharing a very similar theory.

On the July 21 edition of his radio show, Michael Savage suggested that he was "beginning to believe that this entire affair was orchestrated by the government itself to smear Breitbart and the Tea Party movement." He continued by stating that the scandal "is part of the dirty tricks campaign that the Democrats are famous for" and suggested that the Democrats had "released these tapes -- these edited tapes -- of the black bureaucrat through a third party or a fourth party, whispering 'oh, do we have something for you Mr. Breitbart.' "

On the July 22 edition of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh derided the narrative of the Sherrod story in the media. He suggested that "[n]ow the template is, do you deserve a phone call from the President? The White House wanted you fired. The White House didn't listen. The White House took it out of con -- The White House is afraid of Fox News." Limbaugh continued by claiming, "For all I know, the White House orchestrated this whole thing."
To listen to Savage one would honestly believe that Breitbart is the victim of some dastardly White House plot, rather than the dishonest purveyor of yet more edited tapes along the exact same lines as his previous dishonestly edited tapes.

Let's test the honesty of Andrew Breitbart as this story has emerged.

Whilst on Hannity he said this:

The reason why Shirley Sherrod is the story right now, not the NAACP, is because the White House which stands by the firing or the forced resignation -- harassment as she said -- they made the story about Shirley. They threw her under the bus.

I have not asked that she get fired. I've not asked for an investigation into her.
He said that on July 20th. And yet, on July 19th, a full day earlier - that must be some memory he possesses - he tweeted this:

First he has her "bragging" that she "can't get fired" from her job, and whilst not suggesting that she should be he is coming damn close to asking for that. Then he actually calls for the DOJ to hold her accountable. Which I presume would call for the kind of investigation which Breitbart claimed that he did not call for.

He has a very casual relationship with the truth.


PFL0W said...


God, that's good.

If he's bright (and I don't believe that, of course), he's brilliant, that's so good.

The thing is, he says such stupid things, it's hard to believe he's that daft.

Mo Rage
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Kel said...

It's like there is no filter between his brain and his mouth. He just says the first insane thing that pops into his head.