Friday, June 18, 2010

Leave BP Alone!

Fox News seem to see their role as the defenders of BP, even whilst Tony Hayward is being attacked by both sides of the aisle for his "evasive" testimony before the House of Representatives committee on energy and commerce.

But the committee's search for answers was repeatedly frustrated by Hayward, who denied any involvement in or prior knowledge of the ill-fated decisions about the well that led to the blow-out.

"I was not part of the decision making process on this well," he said. "I had no prior knowledge."

Hayward had multiple variations on the same theme: that he had no direct involvement or knowledge of problems on the Deepwater Horizon, even though engineers lower down in BP's hierarchy had spoken about a "nightmare well".

He clung to his argument that it would be premature to comment until investigations had run their course. However, he did allow that BP was pursuing seven lines of inquiry into the disaster, focusing on the cement casing of the well and well control procedures, as well as the failed blow-out preventer safety device.

His answers, all delivered in flat, impassive tones, infuriated committee members. "You are kicking the can down the road," said Henry Waxman, the chairman of the committee. "I find that irresponsible."

Ed Markey, who chairs the subcommittee on global warming, snapped: "Your equivocation is not reassuring." Even the Republican members were frustrated. "You are copping out," said Phil Gingrey. "It seems like your testimony has been way too evasive."
It's as if Fox News have decided that their position on any subject must be the polar opposite of Barack Obama's. That's the only thing that makes any sense here as we witness Fox News lining up to defend BP whilst everyone else deplores their inability to cap the leak and the arrogance of their attitude.

But Fox have decided that BP is the victim here and that Obama is the villain of this piece. Extraordinary.

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