Saturday, June 05, 2010

Israel diverts Gaza aid ship Rachel Corrie to Ashdod.

The Israelis have, once again, boarded a ship carrying humanitarian aid bound for Gaza - in international waters - and taken the passengers - against their will - to Israel.

Netanyahu attempted to lay the blame for Israel's most recent disaster - where she shot and murdered nine Gaza flotilla activists - some of them through their heads at close range - on "Turkish terror extremists":

"We saw today the difference between a ship of peace activists, with whom we don't agree but respect their right to a different opinion from ours, and between a ship of hate organised by violent Turkish terror extremists," Mr Netanyahu's office quoted him as saying.
If he thinks anyone other than most rabidly pro-Israeli supporter is buying that line, then he is insane. There was a Nobel Laureate and a Holocaust survivor on board the Mavi Marmara, for God's sake. You can't write these people off as "Turkish terror extremists".

The founder of the Free Gaza Movement, which organised the shipment, has expressed her outrage.

"They (the Israelis) once again went into international water and violently boarded a boat and forced people against their will to go to Israel, when all we wanted was to be left to go to Gaza, which is our goal," she said.

She added that further aid shipments to Gaza would be organised.

"We will continue until we break the siege," she said.

Israel's siege is now being challenged in the way the British occupation of India was challenged. As long as the boats keep coming, eventually possibly accompanied by Turkish war ships, this illegal blockade is bound to collapse.

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