Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ideas for ‘reverse flotillas’ gain steam.

I find this simply bizarre.

Although most of the recent talk regarding flotillas has revolved around ships sailing toward Gaza, at least two plans have emerged for “reverse flotillas” – from Israel toward Turkey – to highlight what organizers have labeled the Turks’ “shameless hypocrisy” in their criticisms of the Jewish state.

The most ambitious of the two plans has been devised by members of Israel’s National Student Union, who this week announced their intention to set sail toward Turkey, in an effort to bring humanitarian aid to the “oppressed people of Turkish Kurdistan” and to members of the “Turkish Armenian minority.”
The Kurds and the Armenians are not, to the best of my knowledge, being starved by an illegal boycott which amounts to collective punishment, so where the Hell is the equivalence here?
Student Union chairman Boaz Torporovsky, who has been leading the reverse flotilla charge, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday, “Hundreds of people have volunteered for the flotilla, and many more are contacting us all the time for ways they can help.

“Our plan is to deliver much-needed humanitarian assistance to the Kurds of Turkey, who by the way outnumber Israelis and Palestinians combined,” he said.

“And to show that Turkey has its own issues when it comes to the treatment of its minorities, which they should consider before criticizing us.”
If the Turks have any sense they will allow this flotilla to run directly into one of it's ports and have it greeted by a brass band. That's if this idea ever gets beyond student fantasy and they actually find a boat with which to carry out this hair brained scheme.
Torporovsky said his group had already found a captain for the vessel, a retired Israel Navy sailor, but the ship itself was proving harder to acquire.

“It’s not easy to find a large, sea-bound vessel,” he said.
“But we’re looking, and we’re raising funds, and as soon as we’re able to do it, we will.”
It's astonishing that the Jerusalem Post have actually given print space to this notion when one realises just how far it is from actually taking place. They don't even have a boat yet.

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Sophia said...

Kurds and Armenians were oppressed by the military in Turkey and they live better with the Erdogan government. Israel built its close ties with Turkey during the rule of the military.
Reverse flotilla must study their contemporary Turkish history better.

Kel said...

Their point makes utterly no sense to me. It's simply stupidity on a grand scale.