Sunday, June 20, 2010

George Osborne to axe benefits in race to slash deficit.

What is it with the Tories and benefits? Benefits are given to the poorest members of society, I have always thought partly as a way of avoiding social unrest, and yet these are always the first things the Tories set their sights on whenever they have to find cuts.

We have a huge deficit caused by the bankers - some of the richest persons in our society - and yet the Tories are seeking to pay back that deficit by removing benefits from the poorest elements of society.

George Osborne will announce plans for the biggest-ever assault on welfare benefits in Tuesday's emergency budget as part of an estimated £85bn package of savings and tax rises to reduce Britain's unprecedented peacetime deficit.

The chancellor believes that, by slashing the £180bn-a-year welfare bill, he can help protect spending in other areas, such as education, defence and transport, as well as safeguarding capital projects vital to the economy.

"If we drive down the welfare bill, that allows more money to be allocated to departments," a government source said.

Of course, we could achieve a £97 billion reduction in the deficit if we simply cut Trident, which the Liberal Democrats campaigned on, but the Tories are much happier cutting benefits than a weapons system which we would never ever use.

It is in the Tories blood to always target people on benefits. This is simply what these buggers do.
Osborne's zeal for spending cuts has also put him at odds with Washington, where the Obama administration is concerned that an austerity drive in Europe will cause a double-dip recession, which could spread to the US by denting demand for American exports.
If they are not defending BP they are endangering a double dip recession. They are certainly not doing anything to endear themselves to Obama's administration. Or to the British public.

This honeymoon period might yet be over at record speed.

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