Monday, June 07, 2010

David Cameron: cuts 'will change British life'.

David Cameron will promise to make cuts so savage that they will affect Britain's entire way of life.

In his most gloomy remarks since taking office, the prime minister will declare that Britain's public finances are worse than expected and are forcing him to take "momentous decisions".

Cameron will say: "How we deal with these things will affect our economy, our society – indeed our whole way of life. The decisions we make will effect every single person in our country. And the effects of those decisions will stay with us for years, perhaps decades to come."

This is why, as a Labour party supporter, I was not devastated or even unhappy when we lost the last election.

The Tories, as we learned throughout the Thatcher years, simply love slashing public spending, which they don't really believe in anyway.

The deficit was caused by the bankers greed, and the Tories are on the side of the bankers, so let the Tories suffer the public anger which will, rightly, come as they try to sort out this horrible mess.

Let them knock themselves out with it.

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Cecilieaux said...

I'm of two minds with this one, based on my UK experience during (the beginning of) Thatcher's misrule in the UK.

Yes, there's always the good lefty thinking that when things get bad they create "revolutionary conditions" and also the notion that it's better to deal head on with one's real, unmasked adversaries than wolves in sheep's clothing.

But, then again, what did a decade and some of Tories beget? "New Labour," not Tony Benn (sp?). Also, there's always the very convincing notion of a rising tide raises all boats, to the point that the most petit bourgeois Le Pen supporter in France would have a heart attack if someone took away his long paid vacations, his wife's long maternity leave and the 35-hour work week. (Why this is not true either here (USA) or in your side of the puddle, is a conundrum you're welcome to solve sometime ...)

Kel said...

Cecilieaux, I happen to think that we have passed a poisoned chalice to the Tories. I worried that we might win and recreate Major's victory over Kinnock which left the Tories so out of it by the end that they stayed out of power for thirteen years.

Labour needs to dust itself down and ask itself what good New Labour did them.

The Tories are currently the party which the country instinctively distrusts - where that used to be Labour - and if Cameron slashes as much as he is promising to do we may very well find the Tories as unpopular as they were in the days of Thatcher, before the Falklands war rebuilt her in the public's mind.

And I am sure that this coalition will not last five years, so Labour will need to be ready.