Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Beck: No apologies for promoting an anti-Semite Nazi sympathizer.

Glenn Beck is trying to slither off the hook after he promoted a book by a virulent anti-Semite who actively supported Hitler. This is how he "defends" himself.

BECK: But I'm also getting some amazing mail from the left that now says I'm a Nazi anti-Semite because I quoted a book on Friday -- it was the Red Book, or something like that. It was a who's who, who's in the communist party in 1935. Apparently, I don't know, apparently written by a Nazi sympathizer here in America. Part of the, I'm sure -- I don't know because I didn't look it up -- but I'm sure part of the Father Coughlin, social justice crowd, because this is the choice that progressives give you -- you're either a Nazi or a communist. No, I'm neither. But now -- so now I'm kind of stuck between the place where the left says that I'm a Nazi sympathizer and a Jew lover. So I guess the left can have it all, that I'm a Jew-loving Nazi sympathizer. It's a really interesting place that I don't know if anybody's ever been.
My charge against Beck was never that he was a Nazi or an anti-Semite, my charge was that, "he finds a book, where someone attacks Communism, so he instantly passes this on to his audience without doing any further research into who exactly this person is that he is promoting."

And, when he now describes it as "The Red Book, or something like that", I think he makes my point perfectly. He had no idea who Elizabeth Dilling was, he simply loved the notion that she had produced a book attacking Communism.

His defence is actually that, "I didn't look it up". This is what makes this guy such a joke. He pontificates and pretends to be a well read intellectual, but, when questioned, his first defence is always his own ignorance.

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