Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Afghan man on Taliban death list refused asylum.

How does this happen?

Sultan Mahmood is under a death sentence from the Taliban. The torture they inflicted on him has led to a leg being amputated. His teenage son was kidnapped and beheaded. A school he ran has been burned down.

But the British Government has now decided that the 70-year-old former army officer will be safe back in Afghanistan and he must go back. He has been told by the UK Border Agency that he has until 10 June to leave after his application for asylum was rejected.

The Independent learned of Colonel Mahmood's predicament from Whitehall officials with knowledge of the current situation in Afghanistan. They believe that he will face very real danger of being harmed back in his country.

And we are saying that he will be safe if we send him back to Afghanistan? That's not remotely feasible.

I know that certain people in this country are obsessed with immigration, but sending this man back is simply taking a disgraceful chance with his life. If he is not in danger then no-one is.

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