Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vince Cable plans new attempt to privatise Royal Mail.

The Tories must be back in Downing Street:

The government is preparing for another potentially explosive confrontation with the postal unions by attempting to privatise Royal Mail, the Guardian has learned.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, is determined to press ahead with a restructuring of the group, which could embroil the government in a dispute with the Communication Workers Union.

Cable has asked Ed Davey, his fellow Liberal Democrat and junior minister at the business department, to prepare the plan in detail. It is understood that the plan will be unveiled by David Cameron and Nick Clegg today as part of the full coalition agreement.

It might be getting pushed by a Liberal Democrat, but we are all well used to this language accompanying every Tory administration since Thatcher's.

"Sell, sell, sell."

The Tory mantra. Although today it is coming out of the lips of Vince Cable.

When Mandelson tried this he set off a postal strike and a Labour backbench revolt. I wonder how many Liberal Democrats will sit back and allow this to go ahead.

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