Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Susan Molinari calls Gingrich's Nazi claim "crazy" and "outrageous".

I spoke the other day about Newt Gingrich's outrageous claim that Obama is a Nazi-Commie "threat to our way of life."

Here, Joy Behar asks former GOP congresswoman Susan Molinari if Gingrich is “losing his marbles”.

BEHAR: Susan, when Bush was called a Nazi, the right wing went berserk on him. And yet, Gingrich just throws the word around as if it’s nothing. What is up with him? What is he, losing his marbles?

MOLINARI: This has always been — let me distance myself from that remark first of all in all seriousness. To compare anything that is going on in this country to the atrocities of Nazi Germany in any way, shape or form is just crazy. And you know that Newt was so smart. He got the Republican majority back in a generation, contract with America. And then, you know, moved quickly into a government shutdown and complained about his seat on President Clinton’s plane.

This is Newt. He can be really smart sometimes and sometimes he can just say some absolutely outrageous things. I would be like to be in that corner of saying that is outrageous.
It's insane that the American right get away with saying this outrageous rubbish and yet continue to be taken seriously.

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