Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Sabotage!" Right-wing media respond to oil spill by dreaming up conspiracy theories.

I'm not surprised that right wing lunatics are now claiming this:

Limbaugh: "Environmental whackos" may have blown up oil rig to "head off more oil drilling." On his April 29 radio show, Rush Limbaugh questioned "the timing" of the explosion and said: "Lest we forget ... the cap and trade bill was strongly criticized by hardcore environmentalist whackos because it supposedly allowed more offshore drilling and nuclear plants." Limbaugh added: "[W]hat better way to head off more oil drilling and nuclear plants then by blowing up a rig? I'm just, I'm just noting the timing here."

Perino: "[W]as this deliberate?" On the May 3 broadcast of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Fox News contributor Dana Perino said of the spill: "I'm not trying to introduce a conspiracy theory, but was this deliberate? You have to wonder... if there was sabotage involved."

They always have to find a way to blame progressives when the inevitable results of their own "drill baby drill" mindset is exposed for all to see.


Chris Matthews points out the idiocy of Limbaugh's theory. The notion that environmentalists will destroy the environment in order to save it.

It's simply impossible to take these people seriously.


Anonymous said...

stupid liberal

Kel said...

It's stupid to note Limbaugh's idiocy?

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure that when he was exposed as a drug addict that the right wingers would drop him. I thought they hated drug addicts

Kel said...

No, they forgive literally anything as long as it is done by one of their own.

That's why George Bush illegally wire tapping Americans was partiotic and good, but anything Obama does is "big government" gone wild.

It's okay if the right is doing it, but dangerous when done by the left.