Monday, May 24, 2010

Rand Paul's "Stumble".

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David Gregory makes a valid argument; the problem which Rand Paul finds himself in is not as a result of "liberal bias" but rather "his own views about the limited scope of government".

Sen. John Cornyn here seeks to put Paul's problems down to his novice status as a candidate.
Well, Dr. Paul’s new to running for public office, and I think it’s Bob’s experience, I’m sure my experience, that you see novice candidates occasionally stumble on questions. I think he’s clarified his position. But I think he’s done the right thing.
The problem I have here is with the notion that this was a "stumble". He didn't look to me like he was "stumbling". Indeed, he repeated the same point to several news outlets.

This problem wasn't brought about by the "liberal news media", the problem came about because Rand Paul was making the point that private business's should be allowed to engage in discrimination and that the market would punish those business's which chose to do so.

It's his own extraordinarily naive faith in the market to correct all social wrongs which led him into the hole in which he now finds himself.

He is indulging in "little government" extremism, and it was that which led him to say what he said. He's not been hung by "the liberal media", he's been hung by his own words. And I have no doubt that he meant them when he said them.


Fineman warns that what Paul said "plays right into the developing stereotype of the tea party"; which is that it is all about race.

But, up pops Sarah Palin to see similarities between the treatment of Rand Paul and herself. In her world Paul was trapped by the liberal Rachel Maddow.

This is simply nonsense. No-one asked Paul to express the opinions which he expressed to NPR, which Maddow later questioned him on. No-one forced him to say that there were sections of the Civil Rights Act which he didn't agree with; he did that of his own free will.

I thought the Republicans were the party of personal responsibility? Rand Paul should take responsibility for a problem which was utterly of his own making and stop whining. These are his beliefs. He either learns to defend them... or he should change them. I suggest the latter.



daveawayfromhome said...

As far as I can tell, "personal responsibility" means only one thing for the GOP - "it's my money, get your own". If it's not about money, or obeying Authority (which is always themselves), they arent much interested in it.

And I personally find it amazing that a party which works so hard to deny evolution can believe so strongly in the Market. Or do they believe in an Authority with a Design there also (which will be, of course, their own)(again).

Kel said...

Yes, "personal responsibility" really boils down to "why should you get benefits"?