Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Michael Brown on Fox News: Obama wanted oil spill so he could "shut down" offshore drilling.

The kind of rhetoric which is routinely allowed on Fox News borders on disgraceful.

BROWN: And so now you’re looking at this oil slick approaching, you know, the Louisiana shore, according to certain — NOAA and other places, if the winds are right, it will go up the East Coast.

This is exactly what they want, because now he can pander to the environmentalists and say, “I’m going to shut it down because it`s too dangerous.”
While Mexico and China and everybody else drills in the Gulf. We’re going to get shut down.

He also claims that Obama has always been against off shore drilling which is simply false.

Here, Gibbs responds:

Gibbs is clearly saying that there is no dialogue to be had with people who make that sort of accusation. It's simply an insane thing to say, especially as it's being said without an iota of proof to back it up.

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