Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camerota says Rand Paul controversy shows candidates "have to bend to what is politically correct"

Dear God, now we are being told that the outrage over what Rand Paul said is because he was not being "politically correct"; indeed, the anchor here implies that he is being punished for being "completely honest and truthful".

Most of the panel, rightly, find his comments indefensible. No-one is saying that he didn't have the right to say what he said, as is implied here, but we also have the right to find what he said astonishing in it's naivety.

And, as I said at the time, no-one is actually calling him a bigot or a racist - as Will Cain wrongly claims - but he is indulging in extremism. He is saying that the market would self correct and punish any business which indulged in discrimination.

But go back to 1964 - when that law was passed - and tell me if you really think that was the case back then? That's what makes his stance so ridiculous. He's talking as if he has no understanding of the history which made that act so necessary.

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