Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beck: The US is The Titanic.

This guy simply gets crazier and crazier every time I come across him. Today he wants to compare the United States to The Titanic.

He tells people to "build lifeboats", but he isn't specific about what that means. It's simply the worst kind of fearmongering.

The good news is that viewers are deserting him in droves.

It's getting difficult to even remember when Beck's show was averaging three million viewers each night, even though that was just four short months ago. These days, Glenn Beck is more likely to draw two million viewers, which means that yes, the Fox News host has lost one-third of his audience already this year.

Not only that, but there are increasingly days where Beck no longer hits the two million mark. Like on April 9, when, according to Nielsen data, the show drew 1.97 million viewers, which set the year's low mark. Then on April 22, the show dipped down further, to 1.82 million viewers. And now Glenn Beck has set yet another ratings low: May 14, the show attracted 1.77 million viewers. That is almost exactly half the audience the show was getting at its peak in late January.


The truth is that he is too crazy for even the crazies...

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