Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beck says White House "strateg[y]" to "take... out" Fox hosts "one at a time" is worse than "the Nixon enemies list".

The paranoia of Glenn Beck simply knows no bounds. He now claims that the Obama administration is conducting a Nixonesque campaign to destroy him. No doubt because he imagines that he is "speaking the truth to power."

The reality is that sponsors are avoiding him because he called the president a racist and refuses to take back that charge; and, recently, there are questions regarding how he tells his listeners to buy gold whilst being sponsored by Goldline, a company which sell over priced gold coins.

But Beck, ever the conspiracy theorist, manages to make any charge against him part of a huge conspiracy to pick off all right wing commentators. In other words, it's in the interests of "the Fox community" to rally to Beck's defence.

It's ironic that Beck can claim "I have never seen anything like it before" and state that "this is targeting and destroying"; especially as it was Glenn Beck who targeted and destroyed the career of Van Jones.

Seems like Beck like giving it out but whines when he comes under the kind of scrutiny he routinely puts others under.

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