Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanic ash will keep flights across Europe grounded until Monday.

I am feeling so vindicated with my decision to jump on to a train rather than wait until the next day for the flight I was promised would take place.

The no-fly zone across much of Britain after Iceland's huge volcanic eruption this week is set to remain in force over the weekend, placing yet more strain on road, rail and ferry networks already struggling to cope with thousands of stranded passengers.

Lord Adonis, the transport secretary, who met officials at the Civil Aviation Authority, Met Office, and National Air Traffic Services today, said: "It is likely significant disruption to most UK air services will continue for at least the next 48 hours".

Few, if any flights, are expected over the weekend in England and Wales and the shutdown could carry into next week. Tonight Ryanair cancelled all flights in the area until at least 1pm on Monday, citing weather trends that show little sign of blowing the plume away.

The ash cloud continued to hang over England and Wales today, held steady by high pressure.

My blood pressure would have been through the roof by this point. There must be chaos out there. The stories that one hears, of people stranded whilst travelling to weddings and funerals, are heart breaking.

And the irony is that flights continue to leave Iceland whilst the whole of Europe is grounded.

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