Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Tories Launch Attack On Clegg.

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems are enjoying a surge in the polls since the three party leaders debated.

Election opinion polls for newspapers have suggested the Lib Dems are up by as many as eight points.

One of them - a ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror and Independent on Sunday - puts the Conservatives on 31%, the Lib Dems on 29% and Labour on 27%.

But what makes me smile is the way the Tories choose to attack them.
The Tories said voting for the Lib Dems was a vote for a European super-state.
Can the Tories ever give up their obsessional hatred of the European Union? Why do they always imagine that the rest of the nation shares their bizarre fear of all things European?

The Liberal Democrats are actually running to the left of the Labour Party, so there are many areas where one could expect the Tories to find fault with them, but they choose to attack them over their European policies? That says much more about the Tories than it does about the Lib Dems.

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