Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Strangest Election of my Lifetime.

You just know that in years to come this election will be re-examined to find where all of the parties went wrong.

High-level cabinet disagreements are starting to emerge over the conduct of Labour's campaign, including how open the party should be to the idea of a coalition with the Liberal Democrats after the election, the Guardian has learned.

There is also concern in some circles that the campaign is not highlighting fairness, families or women's issues, and is instead dominated by men over 50 warning about the risk to the economic recovery from the Conservatives.

One cabinet source said: "There is a danger we look like the staid incumbents, as two other parties fight it out for the change vote. We need more edge." Another source described the lack of women in the frontline of the campaign as "truly shocking", and said the party needed to take a more distinctive approach.

Labour's problems are manifest. The country is sick of them. But the country is also not ready to elect the Tories.

Which is why this is the strangest election I have seen in my lifetime.

The apathy out there is overwhelming.

There is simply no political choice out there which unites the country. Which is why Nick Clegg has elicited such excitement. He has, at least, identified the two main parties as staid choices.

I blame Cameron for all of this. He is supposed to be the leader of the opposition. But he has not laid out any vision of where he thinks the county should be going.

So, we are all left flouting around in a vacuum. Because this Eton educated boor is doing his damnedest to hide from all of us what it is that he believes in.

He, literally, wants to sneak in the back door, without telling us what it is that he plans to do.

It's being greeted by the British public like a cup of cold sick.

There is zero enthusiasm for a conservative government, even from a public which elected Margaret Thatcher three times in a row.

Cameron is simply refusing to set out his stall.

Which leaves this election as a bizarre choice between an unpopular leader and a void. Maybe Cameron knows something which I don't. Perhaps he is being shown poll results which the rest of us are not seeing.

But his campaign appears to be a disaster. The country feels as if we are drifting towards a hung parliament, because the Tories are unwilling to put their cards on the table.

Cameron is a leader who is refusing to lead. It's the oddest thing I have ever seen in politics in my lifetime.

He deserves to be punished for this.

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