Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Pathetic Joe Lieberman whines to John Brennan about not calling terrorists "Islamic Extremists".

Lieberman is upset because the Obama regime have dropped the phrase "Islamic extremism" from a national security document.

Apparently, this failure to identify the faith of one's enemy sets a dangerous precedent.

However, I don't remember, during a time when the IRA were setting off bombs all over Britain, anyone ever referring to "Catholic terrorists", so what exactly is Lieberman's point?

Why is it so important to him that the religion of the people involved be identified? What difference does that make?


Steel Phoenix said...

Whatever the truth, politicians need to learn that at times, it's better not to open your mouth at all than to look like a whiny hypocrite.

Kel said...

But that's what Joe does for a living.... And Fox pay rather well I am sure...