Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Doctor shows he's right man for the job.

I thought he hit the ground running and looked like he had been playing the part for a dozen years already. It's so hard to accept a new doctor but, last night, Matt Smith made it seem like he had always been there.

And I was pleased this morning to see that he is getting such good reviews.

And Moffat has clearly picked the right leading man. Like the Mona Lisa, Matt Smith has a twisty smile and barely discernable eyebrows. He has other things, too, that make him unlike the people you pass on the street: a thick messy lick of chestnut hair, an oddly acromegalous jaw, and a big bony forehead – the kind of facial escarpment rarely seen beyond the shores of Easter Island.

Last night he fell from the sky, gorged himself on fish fingers and custard, crashed a fire engine into a hospital, told Patrick Moore the secret of super-light-speed travel, and saved the world from an eyeball. But from the moment he appeared, dangling from the architrave of his time machine, the new boy demonstrated that he can more than fill the shoes of his predecessor. Matt Smith fights aliens. He wears tweed. He loves custard. He is the Doctor. And he might be more the Doctor than anyone who was the Doctor before.

Those are very large shoes to fill. But Smith made it seem effortless.

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