Thursday, April 08, 2010

Murdoch: Fox "Shouldn't Be Supporting the Tea Party".

This is extraordinary.

Murdoch: I don't think we should be supporting the tea party or any other party. I'd like to investigate what you are saying before I condemn anyone.
Does he even watch his own news channel? He has to investigate that claim before he can comment? Please....


Olbermann gives his take on this. But this quote from Murdoch is priceless.
Asked later during the question and answer session to name a single Democrat who worked for Fox News, however, Murdoch struggled.

"They are certainly there... Greta Van Susteren is certainly close to the Democratic Party," he said, after blanking on names first and insisting that Ailes would have a long list. "She doesn't do many political stories. She is just a great journalist... but people who have been involved in Democratic politics and so on, yeah we have people..."
On what planet is that even close to reality? If Van Susteren is a Democrat, then I am a ballerina. The link takes you to the kind of hard hitting interview which Van Susteren specialises in...

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