Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mika acts like a child and the Right mocks Joan Walsh.

I am with Joan Walsh here.

EMMANUEL (V/O): ...I think it helps us all to say there are extreme voices on the left, there are extreme voices on the right, and it's our responsibility to call out people, I believe, on our side.

JOAN WALSH: Who would you have me call out? I mean who would you say on the left is comparable to Rush and...

SCARBOROUGH: Don't do it.

MIKA BREZEZINSKI: Mmm-mmm! No thanks, Joan. We're good. We're good.

SCARBOROUGH: Can we talk about the Chinese now?

MIKA: I think it's all very obvious.

WALSH: Is it obvious? Who on the left is comparable to Rush and Glenn on the right?

MIKA: Okay, Joan, if it's not obvious to you I'll talk to you off-set. I mean, my God! Alright so let's read from the Washington Post...

SCARBOROUGH: We'll talk off-set.

WALSH: Okay...

MIKA: Seriously, it's like BLIP... BLIP... BLIP... right in front of you and you're like [imitates willfully clueless Walsh] "I'm sorry, I don't see it!"
Maybe I'm as thick as Joan Walsh, but I'd love to know who the equivalent person on the left is. By which I mean someone who takes as extreme positions as Rush and Beck do, and who are as casual in their relationship to the truth as both of those men are.

I am assuming that Mika and Scarborough have Olbermann in mind, but does he seriously go off the rails as consistently as Beck and Limbaugh do? Is there anything he does which is remotely equivalent to the hatemongering which Beck and Limbaugh indulge in on a daily basis?


Jon Stewart gives a musical example of how the satirists on the left always appear much more balanced than their right wing opponents.
You like to pretend that the relentless conservative activism of Fox News is the equivalent of the disorganized liberal influence you find at NBC, ABC and CBS.

You may be able to detect a liberal their bloodstream.. however faint.

But Fox News is such a crazy overreaction to that perceived threat, you're like an auto immune disorder.

I'm not saying the virus doesn't exist in some small quantity.

But you're producing way too many antibodies.

Fox News. You're the Lupus of news.
I just can't see Limbaugh or Beck ever being that funny or balanced. They appear to trade on anger and fear and very little else.

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