Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Labour could win most seats at general election, poll shows.

Gordon Brown will today tell the country what we all already know, that he is going to go the polls on May 6th.

In my mind this election has been one the Tories should win for months and months now. However, the polls are still suggesting that there is a chance that Brown could come out of this with more seats than Cameron.

The findings suggest Tory hopes of a defining breakthrough have been overplayed, with the gap between the two main parties now at just four points – the closest in an ICM poll for almost two years.

Labour support has climbed four points to 33% since an ICM poll carried out for the Guardian last week. Conservative backing has dropped one since then to 37% – Labour's best ICM rating since December 2008 and the Tories' worst since February.

On a uniform national swing, these figures could leave Labour 30 seats short of an overall majority. Even if the Tories perform better than average in marginal seats – as most people expect – David Cameron would struggle to establish a secure parliamentary basis for power

Should Cameron fail to win an overall majority, he would have no-one to blame other than himself. He has taken the British public as fools. Thinking that it is enough not to be Brown he has utterly failed to sell whatever policies he intends to implement. He seems scared to tell us exactly what it is that he has in store for us.

The Tories need a swing of ten percent towards them to avoid a hung parliament. This poll - and it could very well be rogue - gives them only four, leaving them way short of what they would need to form a Conservative government.

The next month is going to be even more poll crazy than in previous elections, as everyone tried to predict what the bloody Hell is going to happen.

Cameron should have had this one in the bag months ago. As things stand, he still hasn't closed the deal with the British public. It could all still come down to people in a voting booth deciding that they'd rather stick with the devil they know.

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