Monday, April 12, 2010

Kristol, Conservatives and The Constitution.

I find it hysterical to hear conservatives fighting to preserve the constitution. Where were these arguments during the years when George Bush was wilfully ignoring it?

In those days the argument was that the president should be given whatever power he thought necessary to save the country from terrorism. In comes a Democrat and it's all change at Clapham Junction. Suddenly, conservatives have rediscovered the need to limit presidential powers.


Steel Phoenix said...

The only things conservatives seem to want to conserve these days is their own positions in power.

Conversely the only things liberals seem liberal with is other people's money.

It's time to dump them both and go back to making up our own minds.

Kel said...

The difference is that the liberals had no choice other than to spend all that money or the entire financial system would have collapsed.

And that collapse was engineered whilst the conservatives were in power.

I think I give the Democrats slightly more rope than you do, SP.