Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kristol and Williams Get into Shouting Match Over Goldman Sachs Emails Release.

Trust Bill Kristol to get it this wrong. He thinks the outrage here is the fact some emails have been released rather than the content of the emails:

Williams: It’s not ridiculous when you read the emails and the core here is not the release of the emails it’s the content of the emails and the emails reveal that they’re saying the people at Goldman Sachs are saying, you know what, we’re going to make money while investors are losing money. In fact we’re going to have a windfall they say in these emails. That is the outrage in case you missed it!
So, he has this level of outrage over the release of emails and the loss of privacy to some Goldman Sachs employees, yet he had no difficulty with the Patriot Act and the illegal wiretapping of American citizens?

He's a joke....


PFL0W said...

protect those companies, Bill, you butt-kisser, you.

Shove your nose up there a little farther.

There's a towel on the chair, on your way out.

Mo Rage
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Kel said...

He really is an arse....