Friday, April 02, 2010

‘It’s Troublesome’: Obama Slams Beck & Limbaugh for ‘This Kind of Vitriol’

Obama is asked about the kind of names which are being used to describe him, including socialist and Nazi, and he immediately identifies Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh as the perpetrators.

He then says that he finds, "this kind of vitriol" troublesome, although he puts it down to the state of the economy and thinks that the vast majority of Americans do not agree with the views expressed by Beck and Limbaugh.

As always, he is much kinder and more understanding of them than I find myself to be. But then, Obama has always won his battles by assuming that casual indifference. It's almost as if he is inviting his opponents to overreach, to overstate their case and to overplay their hand.

His aloofness seems to drive them to despair. To infuriate them to the point where they self destruct. We saw it with Bill Clinton after Obama's win in South Carolina, and we saw it with John McCain with his infamous, "That one!" quote.

I suppose Obama's working on the assumption that most of recognise Beck and Limbaugh's rhetoric as the overstated garbage which it is.

They are overreaching, and that's what he has always encouraged his opponents to do.

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