Saturday, April 24, 2010

David Cameron targets north-east and Northern Ireland for spending cuts.

It's like he is simply imploding in front of our eyes.

David Cameron:

"In Northern Ireland it is quite clear – and almost every party accepts this –that the size of the state has got too big," Cameron told Jeremy Paxman in an interview on BBC1.

"We need a bigger private sector. There are other parts of the country, including in the north-east. The aim has got to be to get the private sector, to get the commercial sector going.

"Over the next parliament we have got to see a faster growing private sector, we've got to broaden our economic base and we need to have a rebalancing of the economy between the commercial and private sector on the one hand and between the state sector on the other."

So, as Liam Byrne was quick to point out, Cameron is saying that "investment in the regions like the north- east was unsustainable, while at the same time saying that tax cuts for millionaires were sustainable."

It's a simply astonishing thing to say.

I've said it a thousand times now, but this is simply a rehash of the very worst parts of Thatcherism.
"With every passing day David Cameron's big society sounds more and more like the same old Tories – tax cuts for the few at the expense of cuts to essential services and to our regions."
I can see why he has spent months refusing to tell us what it is exactly that he is going to do, because every time he gives us a glimpse under the bonnet of this shiny new car he is selling us, I absolutely hate what I see.

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