Friday, April 30, 2010

Beck's defense of his conspiracy theories: "Fox couldn't allow me to say things that were wrong".

This has got to be my favourite Glenn Beck rant.

I am not the smartest guy in the room.


Who owns this network? Rupert Murdoch.


You think he's going to let a guy at five o'clock say a bunch of stuff, put this together, it's completely wrong, and stay on the network?
Yes, as long as there are enough people stupid enough to watch, that is exactly what Rupert Murdoch is going to do. Roger Ailes cares about the message, Rupert Murdoch is driven by profit. Nothing else. If people would pay to watch ants wrestling, that's what he would give them.
Fox couldn't allow me to say things that are wrong.
The funniest thing Glenn Beck has ever, ever said. That's more delusional than Palin's "death panels" and Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.

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