Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Beck again invokes civil rights leaders; compares himself to Rosa Parks.

Glenn Beck now claims that it is "stupid" not to realise that the general public have caught on to the fact that boycotts against him are now being "orchestrated by the administration".

They are trying to intimidate, not me, but you.


They are not afraid of me, they are afraid of you. Just like Gandhi, just like Rosa Parks. It wasn't Rosa Parks, it was the millions of people that were inspired by Rosa Parks non-movement. Rosa Parks wasn't a danger. The people who watched her and said, "Yeah. I'm not moving either."

It was the people who sat at a... soda fountain counter. You think people were afraid of them? No, they were afraid of the people that those people inspired. Martin Luther King was just one man. You see what they are doing? They are saying, "Get up from the counter. You don't have a seat at this counter."

Yes, you do. They are telling you, "Get to the back of the bus. You don't sit up here. You sit back there". No. I don't. You stand up for what you believe.
In a career of insane outbursts, this has got to be the most gloriously insane he has ever been.

He's comparing himself to Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. He is now trying to find a linkage between the - mostly all white - tea party movement and the black civil rights movement, portraying the tea party movement as the people who are now being euphemistically placed at the back of the bus.

It's offensive on so many levels that you simply don't know where to begin...

And let's not forget, he's being boycotted because he refuses to withdraw his scandalous charge that the president of the United States is a racist. And he's now telling people that this racist black president is placing white tea party protesters "at the back of the bus".

That's shocking.


Olbermann names this asshole "worst person in the world".

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