Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rupert Cornwell: After this week, we may all owe Obama an apology.

I am glad that Rupert Cornwall shares my enthusiasm for just how the last week has played out in the Obama presidency:

What a week it has been. Congress passed the most far-reaching social legislation in four decades. The US and Russia agreed the most important arms control agreement since the end of the Cold War. And an American president, his patience exhausted with Israel's procrastination over what some still describe as "the Middle East peace process", dared send off a visiting Israeli prime minister with a flea in his ear. In short, it was the week that made Barack Obama.
After listening to the almost constant sniping on the right and the similar bitching which has been occurring on the left, it was nice to see Obama finally put something substantive on the plate.

Sure, there is much further to go on the issue of Israel and Palestine, but, with his treatment of Netanyahu, Obama has shown that he is willing to stand up to Israel in a way which the previous administration were not. It doesn't guarantee success, but without showing this kind of resolve, failure was always guaranteed.

Obama has, this week, sent out the message that he is perfectly serious about bringing about a meaningful peace between the two sides.

And, with his recent successes regarding US healthcare and Russian disarmament, the momentum now moves firmly behind Obama.
The prospects for financial market reform, climate and energy legislation and immigration reform have suddenly brightened. Obama, of all people, will be wary of excesses of optimism. But one thing he knows full well. Nothing succeeds like success.
The Party of No will have to come up with more than simple negativism if they are to have any realistic chance of stopping him.

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