Thursday, March 04, 2010

RNC To Play on Voters "Fear" of Obama.

What started as the rantings of the more extreme right wing blogs appears to have become the official campaign policy of the Republican party.

The Republican National Committee plans to raise money this election cycle through an aggressive campaign capitalizing on “fear” of President Barack Obama and a promise to "save the country from trending toward socialism."
Normally, political parties shy away from the extremists, in this instance the Republicans appear ready to play into those fears and arguments which have been brewing amongst the outer fringes of political debate.
The presentation explains the Republican fundraising in simple terms.

"What can you sell when you do not have the White House, the House, or the Senate...?" it asks.

The answer: "Save the country from trending toward Socialism!”
It's also an illustration of just how little, especially since the recent financial collapse, the Republicans have to run on. Could they seriously argue for deregulation at the moment? It would be hard to do that with a straight face.

So, they are left promoting themes, "America slides towards socialism", rather than rely on the "cut tax, deregulate the banks" which have been their stock and trade campaign themes for years.

The truth is that the language they normally employ during elections would simply seem hopelessly out of tune with the world which we now occupy since the near financial collapse of the world's banking system.

So, they are left with this almost cartoonish approach to politics.

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