Monday, March 22, 2010

President Obama marks history.

If I remember correctly, this was supposed to be Obama's Waterloo.

Seems it hasn't worked out that way.

And it was a long time coming:

A matter of right, not a privilege, indeed.


Paul said...

One of my Twitter friends in the US is a Republican.

I saw a Tweet from her this morning.

"This is not a time to gloat. People are angry, irrationally angry. Don't fuel the fire."

So, Dems cannot take pride in Healthcare reform, as if they do and a right-wing nutjob goes on a shooting spree, it will be the fault of the socialists/communists/Islamofascists/people who think the sick should get affordable tratement (all the same in the GOP book).

Whereas if someone upset at say, the PATRIOT Act passing had done something illegal, well that would just prove that it was right to pass the PATRIOT Act, wouldn't it....

Irrationally angry indeed. I can't wait now for the 2012 elections and the Republican platform of scrapping universal healthcare. Be interesting to see how many on the right are willing to give it up...

Kel said...

The interesting thing Paul is that they wouldn't dare run on such a platform. They know, now that this has passed, that they are stuck with it forever.

But don't gloat about that. You might spark off some right wing nutcase.