Friday, March 19, 2010

Glenn Beck: Healthcare Reform "is like Pearl Harbor".

It really does appear as if there is no limit to the extremist language some on the right seem prepared to employ in the American fight over universal healthcare.

Glenn Beck is, of course, willing to go further than most. That is simply what he does; he's a shock jock.

But, in this clip, he compares the passing of healthcare reform to Pearl Harbor. No, seriously....

BECK: The second thing is to prepare yourself. This is a battle. Health care is a battle. It’s a battle — it’s not the war. It’s a battle. Believe me, if you are a group that has values and principles, and you are peaceful, your power is about to go through the roof, not through the floor. Because people are — this event is like Pearl Harbor. It will wake people up and they’ll go, “wait, wait, wait. What did they just do?”
Passing healthcare is now the equivalent of an act of war. And the Democrats are cast in the role of the Japanese. People who talk in these terms are impossible to reason with. How can there be any hope of bipartisanship when one side will only discuss your motives in the most apocalyptic terms?

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