Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Déjà Vu All Over Again...

Satchi and Satchi have revealed their handiwork for the coming election. A series of posters bearing an image of Gordon Brown and various messages like, "I let 80,000 criminals out of jail early - vote for me." "I took billions from pensions - vote for me," says another one.

It's so typical of the way Satchi and Satchi operate. These posters tell us nothing about what the Tories intend to do, but then we do have a precedent of Satchi and Satchi choosing to highlight what they perceived as a Labour failing.

In 1979 unemployment in Britain was around a million when Satchi produced this poster. Under Thatcher's government unemployment in the UK soared to 3 million, with some economists claiming that the true figure - Thatcher constantly changed the way the figure was calculated - was nearer to 4 million.

So, if they repeat that precedent, we can expect Cameron to release some 240,000 prisoners early and to take trillions from people's pensions.

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