Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beck: If "you're on government assistance," the government "ha[s] every right" to regulate your life.

We all know how much the Tea Party movement and Glenn Beck want to keep the government out of every aspect of their lives. It now appears that Glenn - who earned $25 million last year - only holds this view for those who do not need any form of government assistance. Those who need government assistance, according to Beck, should have the government regulate "every aspect" of their lives. Including the intervention of what O'Reilly refers to as "the food police" to take away Doritos from anyone indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Beck: If you want to be a fatty, fat, fatso; if you don't want to work, or you can't work, then you are on government assistance, and I can now regulate your life. I can now come in and say...

O'Reilly: Take the Doritos away?

Beck: Absolutely...
He also refers to the poor as people who have chosen to be, "a slave to the government".

I am fascinated by the way Beck implodes whenever he faces O'Reilly. It's the nearest he ever comes to having his "views" properly examined. O'Reilly makes Beck nervous and he always ends up coming out with this sort of crap when his arguments are subjected to any form of scrutiny.

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