Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beck Decries the Democrats for Ignoring Public Opinion.

Glenn Beck bemoans the fact that healthcare was passed without public support in the polls, implying that America has somehow been changed because of this.

Isn't he forgetting this?

And Beck appears to be highly selective in the choice of polls he is using to point out the bill's unpopularity.

But with all that bad publicity and all the doubt generated by a year of debate and opponents' vituperation, the latest Gallup Poll showed 48 percent against the bill and 45 percent in favor.

That does not look like overwhelming rejection. In fact, it's within the margin of polling error.
And, unless Beck decried Dick Cheney when he said, "So?" upon hearing that a majority of Americans opposed what he was doing, then he is simply indulging in even more hypocrisy.

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